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What do I need to reload 300 blackout on a 1050?

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With the press in a 223 Caliber Conversion Kit, then you will just need: Backup Expander: 30 Rifle, and of course dies. Also, for loading the ammo, you will need a Small Pistol Casefeed Plate.

For making / trimming the brass (from 223 to 300 BO), you will need a Small Rifle Casefeed Plate (same as for 223).

Is that all correct, Gary?


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The C powder funnel for the .30 carbine and the Lee FCD are highly recommended if you'll be using coated bullets for subsonic loads. If just using regular jacketed bullets, you want the AK funnel.

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I would suggest buying bras to start, but this is an option if you want to make your own brass.

I have a 1050 and a 550, and went with the 550 toolhead for trimming. The 'thin' tool heads should work well for 30 carbine also.



Stock Number: 64244

1050 300 Blackout Toolhead


The GSI 1050 Toolhead was specifically designed to trim 300 Blackout brass. The integral port allows the brass shavings to be evacuated,this makes for a much cleaner process.

Note: All the alignment pins and the casefeed cam are included with the toolhead.



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I'm not sold on 300 Blackout yet, still experimenting.

My primary interests in the caliber so far don't warrant the investment required for bulk brass processing and reloading on the 1050. Add in also the caliber conversion kit for the 1050 and the Mr. Bullet Feeder to do it right.

That 1050 die would let me bulk process 30 carbine brass though, which is tempting as 30 Carbine is a guilty pleasure for me.

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