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Newbie: Which Division ?


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I just started shooting USPSA this year and I really enjoy it. I've shot 2 matches so far this year, the first one with my buddies 9mm and the second one (after gathering all the proper equipment) with my Ruger KP90. My basic question is what division should I be shooting in?

I somewhat understand the different divisions as far as the rules go, but I have no practical knowledge of them. My basic reloads have about a 180 PF (200gr @ 900 fps). This definitely slows me down on multiple shots as compared to a minor power factor (not that it makes that big of a difference in my overall slooooownessssss.......yet!), but there is no advantage for the major power factor in Production Division. Everything else being equal, I would score a higher hit factor in Limited 10, but that may not make me more competitive if that is a "racier equipment" division. Would it be more advantageous for me to develop light loads and stay in Production, or move to Limited 10?

As an aside, I have Hogue wraparound rubber grips on my pistol which I absolutely love. I have read elsewhere on this forum that they are illegal in Production. If this is true, can anybody explain to me why I can replace my standard barrel, as well as have internal trigger work, etc. done on my gun and remain in Production, but cannot put a pair of $20 grips on it ? I am not sure that I understand the intent of this rule.

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I'll address your second question. I too had a Ruger with the Hogue Grips. Basically you can make modifications to the INTERNAL parts to increase reliability. You cannot change the outward appearance of the gun in Production. Your grips add finger grooves that the original profile of the gun does not have. I loved mine too but had to remove them to be production legal. You can add Grip or Skateboard tape but that's about it.

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Whether you shoot Production, or L-10, you're going to be down 2 rounds of capacity, which puts you at a slight disadvantage, either way (unless you can get extended 10rd mags for it for L-10???). For production, you can download some serious softballs, and have a real soft shooting .45 - Bullseye type loads. You probably want to download a little for L-10, anyhow - Major is 165PF, after all.

It might be a little easier to compete in Production, as you will be competing against guns w/ somewhat similar triggers (vs. the SS 1911 single actions in L-10). Either way, though, you'll have a lot of fun. Pick one (or both) and go for it!

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What I'm not clear about w/ the higher cap mags is, if they are allowed to stick out beyond the bottom of the grip. A "specialist" in Production class will have to pipe up on that :) Sorry I don't know more, there....

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What I'm not clear about w/ the higher cap mags is, if they are allowed to stick out beyond the bottom of the grip. A "specialist" in Production class will have to pipe up on that :) Sorry I don't know more, there....


US Production Division

Special conditions:

1 Minimum power factor for Major Not applicable

2 Minimum power factor for Minor 125

3 Minimum bullet weight No

4 Minimum bullet caliber / cartridge case length 9mm (0.354”) /

19mm (0.748”)

5 Minimum bullet caliber for Major Not applicable

6 Minimum trigger pull No

7 Maximum barrel length Yes, Production guns

5.5” Revolvers 8.5”

8 Maximum magazine length -No

9 Maximum ammunition capacity -Yes, 10 rounds

loaded maximum in

any magazine after

the start signal.

10 Max. distance of handgun and mags/speed load-ers

from torso


11 Rule applies No

12 Restriction on position of holster and other equip-ment Yes, see item 19


13 Optical/electronic sights permitted No

14 Compensators permitted No

15 Ports permitted No

16 Maximum weight Yes, 2 ounces over

factory specified

17. Only handguns approved and listed on the USPSA website may be used in

Production Division.

18. Single-action-only handguns are prohibited.

19. Handgun may not be in single action mode at start signal.

20. Neither the handgun, nor any of its attachments, nor any allied equipment

(e.g. magazines or other loading devices), can extend forward of the line

illustrated in Appendix F3. Any such items a Range Officer deems not to

be in compliance must be safely and promptly adjusted, failing which Rule will apply.

21. Allowed modifications are very limited and include the following:

21.1 No weighted attachments allowed to magazine.

21.2 Front sights may be trimmed, fiber optics inserted, adjusted and/or

have sight black applied. Sights must be of the notch and post type.

January 2004 Edition Rule Book • 97

98 • January 2004 Edition Rule Book

21.3 Replacement barrels allowed provided barrel length is same as

original factory standard. Heavy barrels and/or barrel sleeves not


21.4 Action work to enhance reliability (throating, trigger work, etc.) is


21.5 External modifications other than sights not allowed.

21.6 Aftermarket grips which match the profile of the OFM standard for

the approved handgun and/or the application of grip tape or rubber

sleeves is permitted. Modifications to grips, other than previously

mentioned, not allowed, such as grooves cut to reach mag release

or size reduction.

22. A competitor who fails to comply with any of the requirements above will

be subject to Rule

23. Competition holsters of the race gun type specifically not allowed. For clar-ification:

ALL retention features of the holster MUST be used. All holsters must fully

cover the trigger when the pistol is holstered. The front of holsters for autos

may be cut no lower than ¼-inch below the ejection port. Revolver holsters

may be cut no lower than half way down the cylinder.

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