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2016 USPSA Revolver Nationals

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How come I have Bad JU JU. I cannot seem to find info on the 2016 Revo Nats. Where is the info, I looked at Practiscore and the USPSA web pages. Thanx rd

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Sam and I have always shot the two matches back-to-back, on Sat./Sun. We plan to do the same again this year.

We just realized Sam's graduation from Iowa State is the weekend of the match. We will have to sit this year out.

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6-major looks like it might be viable......


It seems like there are only a couple stages (12 and 13?) where 8 shot would have an advantage, and with how many partials there are it might be worth just dealing with those couple stages to have major scoring on the rest. Looks like the design team did a good job in my opinion!

Also, Ms. Perkins is in there twice.

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