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Atlas Single Stack

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It's long overdue that i give thanks to Adam and Atlas for this build. I just wanted to make sure i got enough rounds through it in order to give it a fair evaluation. I received this gun months ago but have been too busy to get around to shoot it much. Today was different. Put 200 rounds through it today and only about 150 additional in the months leading to today. The gun has ran perfectly with everything I have fed it. I've used 180 grain bayous, 180 gr Montana Gold Jhp's, 180 gr zeros. Fed them all with no issues. The gun is more accurate than i am and i like to think i'm a decent shot. I've owned custom guns from many of the "bigger" names on this site and this gun stacks up against any of the other builders without question. It is splitting hairs, but overall, this Atlas build is my favorite overall vs the other custom guns that I've owned. That is a pretty subjective thing to say I know, but the overall build is just put together really well. There are no tool marks anywhere, the trigger is excellent, the accuracy is excellent, the finish is great. The slide to frame fit, barrel fit, bushing fit all done very nicely. Sorry it took so long to give you a thanks for this build Adam, but i wanted you to know i'm pleased.



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