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AR platform 308 grip recommendations

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AR platform 308. Using a Magpul product for pistol grip that I'm familiar with for standing and moving. The 308 is not intended for the same. From a bench or bipod on ground, the same grip feels like the hand is being inappropriately angled "forward" from the traditional A2 style grip. Instead of going through a pile of grips, I'd like to find out what those of you who have used an AR308 in precision shooting matches have liked the most for consistent trigger placement, control, comfort, etc.

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Check out the Sierra Precision SPR grip. https://skyarms.net/spr I have big hands and went through every grip (Magpu, Ergo, BCM, etc.) before finding the SPR and now I have them on all my rifles. They're also on sale right now for $19 (normally $28) so if you don't like it you're not out a ton of cash. They are a bit slick though, so you might want to stipple it or just stretch a piece of bicycle inner tube over it like I did. Disregard all of this if you're a lefty btw; they're right-hand only.

Here's a better pic so you can see the full shape: http://imgur.com/efh8JY4


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I use a Mapgul MOE+ on my "precision" 308 AR (20" Mega barrel, Geissele SD-E trigger, etc.). I use it on my 24" 6.5 Grendel as well as my precision 223 as well. The angle seems fine and the tackiness prevents motion on my hand independent of the trigger finger.

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