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Another Hawley Custom


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Another proud owner of one of Brain Hawley's custom heaters. Damn it sure turned out nice. Brian helped me every step of the way, and man I needed it. If it ever stops raining, I'll take some new photos with all of the details. I also need to get it on a scale.

5" KKM Precision threaded bull barrel

No barrel ports

Hawley custom Ti comp

Sweet sub 2# trigger

Stupid Swenson safeties

EGW hammer group

STI frame and slide



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Brian just sent it back from getting chromed. He machined a little more weight out of the slide. Tripp's work is awesome. The gun shoots better than ever and handles faster with the extra weight out.

It came with a nice grip, and I swapped it with my limited gun since I can't find a new Scott grip. Perhaps a splatter paint job is in order. <_<

Slide weight= 10.5 oz

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nice lookin' blasta. tripp does all my chrome too, VIRGIL is the man when it comes to chrome. :D

swensons are better now than they used to be. i think they had a new mold made because they are sized better and they're not the rough nasty pieces of crap as they once were ;)

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