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Only Date A Latina If....


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OK, consider this blackmail!!!

DP, starting Monday, I have a MONTH off, and feel the time is right to be given access to "M's" phone number.

Otherwise, might have to send this to Michelle

Now why would you want to send pics OF MICHELLE to Michelle?

Check it out, sans the heavy eye makeup, I think it's lifted from her pay website....

....hmm, she told me she took that down. :unsure:

(Damnit, I gotta get that humor fuse fixed, I'm am so getting an ass whooping!!!)


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Four years and change later, I revist this thread...

and laugh myself stupid. :roflol:

This spanned an interesting, turmultuous time in my life, and reading the interaction with all my BENOS friends from around the world.

Damn, I miss that. :cheers:

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