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Sa Vs. Da/sa Vs. Other


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I've watched the debate about production gun rules and I've carefully looked at the differences between the rules of the IPSC/USPSA divisions. This leads me to an issue I need to understand better. The question is: What impact does the type of action make and why? There are two differences I can see. I'm curious about others' views.

The first difference I see is trigger-pull. The differences are in length, weight, consistency (meaning all shots the same), smoothness, feel, etc. I can certainly see why individuals would have a preference for one over the other. I can also see why trigger pull consitency for all shots and a short trigger pull length may be an advantage. What I don't get is why actions other than SA, DA/SA, and DA are categorized as they are in the IPSC/USPSA rules. Should the definition not be SA vs. DA but instead whether the trigger pull is the same for all shots?

The second difference I see is safe holstering condition. When a gun has been loaded and made ready, it must be placed into a safe ready condition for holstering. This condition differs for the various types of actions. Prior to firing pin blocks, it was different; however, since firing pin blocks make a deliberate trigger pull in order for the gun to fire, does the ready condition have to be different for the different types of actions?

I've shot SA, DA/SA, DAO, and Glock action pistols and revolvers. In my opinion, they're not so different. When a round is in the chamber and the gun can be fired by pulling the trigger, I seem to think of them all the same way. The only thing that makes me twitchy or very cautions is a gun with a very light trigger pull.

Why are SA guns treated so differently in the rules than the other actions?

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They are only treated different in production, to give the DA/SA guns a place to compete without having to go up against the 18oz 1911 triggers. Nothing wrong with shooting a DA/SA in Limited, Ltd 10 or Open, but if an SA wasn't better, you'd see more DA/SA guns in these classes.

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the main reason they say no single action triggers is to keep the 1911s out of production division.

Thats it.

whoever coined the phrase 'DOUBLE ACTION ONLY" needs to go see a head doctor.

single action means one mode of fire....

double action means the gun can fire from the hammer down or with the hammer cocked...

any guns classified as DAO are really single action pistols with a really crappy(relative to 1911s) single action pull.

in all fairness, an 18 oz trigger will probably lead to more ADs than 100 percent classifier scores..

i like to feel a little more with the trigger than that...its really too light...perhaps trying to make up for poor trigger control. :huh:

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