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The Senseless Loss Of A Good Man


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This morning a good man lost his life. Officer Peter Grignon of the Louisville Metro Police Department was shot and killed in the line of duty by a 17 yr old who should have been behind bars.

When will the bleeding hearts in this country realize that there are some vermin who don't deserve to live and breath among the rest of civilized people. This was truely senseless and all Police Officers have last a part of themselves today.

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"Day is done,

gone the sun,

From the hills,

from the lake,

From the skies.

All is well,

safely rest,

God is nigh.

Go to sleep,

peaceful sleep,

May the soldier

or sailor,

God keep.

On the land

or the deep,

Safe in sleep.

Love, good night,

Must thou go,

When the day,

And the night

Need thee so?

All is well.

Speedeth all

To their rest.

Fades the light;

And afar

Goeth day,

And the stars

Shineth bright,

Fare thee well;

Day has gone,

Night is on.

Thanks and praise,

For our days,

'Neath the sun,

Neath the stars,

'Neath the sky,

As we go,

This we know,

God is nigh."

There are no "official" words to Taps, these are the most popular.


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