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Barrettone B-day


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Thanks Fellas,

As a treat from me to all of you, I will share the tale of "SAKO":

Several years ago, I was driving to a job (I own an erosion control business) with my "spanish-american friends"...ie laborers. As we are driving I fall victim to a serious backlash from the chili consumed the night before and break wind. Embarrassed by my commotion, I acknowledge the dastardly deed and proclaim that I have in fact "FARTED". My spanish-american friends say "no...you SAKO'd". I realize that this is their term for my vocal posterior, and say "OK I SAKO'd". Now, fast forward to two years later, as I am driving to a job with only one of my new spanish-american employees. I float an air-biscuit, and state that I have "SAKO'd". Now, you would have thought that I had just unleashed the best George Lopez stand-up of all time, because this guy can't catch his breath because he is laughing so hard. I finally calm him down enough to get him to tell me what the hell is soooo funny. He proclaims with tears in his eyes that I have just said (in some slang term they use in Mexico) the equivalent to: "the noise a mans rear makes when being accosted by another man". Now, I ask you...WHO THE HELL HAS A TERM FOR THAT PARTICULAR SITUATION, AND WHY, PRAYTELL WAS IT EVEN INVENTED??? I at this point realize that I have fallen victim to a a practical joke from one of my "SPANISH-AMERICAN FRIENDS"!!! I had been using this term for two years now!!! They felt it was very funny when they heard from the new guy about it, and of course, retribution will be forthcoming. I made the mistake of telling someone this story at nationals, and now, I am affectionately referred to in the RO pool as "SAKO". Consider yourself enlightened.


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Ok, so I'm just a little late <_<<_<<_<

but.....Happy Belated Birthday Jeff....oops thats SSSAAAKKKOOOO


Seems like here lately I have spent more time in a Hotel bed than my own so sorry about the week late stuff !!!!!

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