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Lexington Gun Patrol


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The phone rings after you return from lunch. You answer knoowing that freedom does not come tell 5 O'clock. You hear a voice saying guess what I'm looking at ................................. (Mind out of Gutter Please) It's the Lexington Gun Patrol they have located that one Gun you been looking for........ Dam it Morgan you need that gun............

Thanx for the referal fomeister & vikings501

I am off to eat my bread and water.


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GWIALA pronounced gwahla, it is the new acronym for "Guess what I am looking at?" It will save time and it may take the wife longer to figure out you are buying your third gun of the month. Glad to be of assistance. The other new acronym, IYDIW pronounced eedew meaning "If you don't I will."

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Slightly off topic.

I had a customer come in looking just a little seedy last Saturday. Usual banter about hard night etc etc etc. Turns out it was his stag night.

So I asked if he wanted to take a long last look before his sentence begins. Blah blah blah.

He goes into the gun lockup and has a good poke around, comes out with a 44-40 Lever Gun, so we again stir him up "last meal for the condemned man"

Any way after the sale is done I ask when is the happy day?

He says 2 hours.

So we gift wrap it, hand it over to the Best Man and get it added to the pile of toasters at the reception. I just had to hand over a box of Winchester 44-40 ammo to go with it.

Good on ya Mate!

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