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How do you figure out what OAL to load? Berry's 147gr RN

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Berrys doesn't seem to provide a recommended OAL for their 147gr RN bullets. Without adjusting any of my factory set Dillon 9mm dies, my 1050 is producing ammo around 1.160" in length. Is that an acceptable OAL? (Would hate to have to pull all the ammo I foolishly loaded)

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What Sarge said ^^^^^^^. :bow:

Sounds awfully long for 147's ....

You didn't mention what gun you are loading for ....

BUT, The Plunk Test is The Correct Answer - make sure the cartridge goes all the way into the chamber (PLUNK),

will spin around easily, and will fall out easily. Iff it does all that, you should test a few before you load up a 1,000. :cheers:

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I would load it as long as I could, within the limits of the plunk test and then what will go in the magazine.

After bullets pass those tests then find a length that your gun will digest with 100% reliability.

Start with a min 147gr load and go from there.

I have an STI and load Xtreme 147s at 1.180

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