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How do you figure out what OAL to load? Berry's 147gr RN


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What Sarge said ^^^^^^^. :bow:

Sounds awfully long for 147's ....

You didn't mention what gun you are loading for ....

BUT, The Plunk Test is The Correct Answer - make sure the cartridge goes all the way into the chamber (PLUNK),

will spin around easily, and will fall out easily. Iff it does all that, you should test a few before you load up a 1,000. :cheers:

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I would load it as long as I could, within the limits of the plunk test and then what will go in the magazine.

After bullets pass those tests then find a length that your gun will digest with 100% reliability.

Start with a min 147gr load and go from there.

I have an STI and load Xtreme 147s at 1.180

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