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Kids Who Don't Have Morals


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Every week I read about some kid shooting up a school. Sad state of reflection on all of us. Let me clarify the word "us" - I mean parents and members of the general society. Then the media flashes a 911 as a front page photo and they don't even know what he shot everyone with. With 8 dead, it probably isn't a handgun. Just pisses me off.


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I read the story - killed his grandparents too.

I don't know what to think of it - unbelievable.

I don't so much care about the reputation guns get. I mean I do - but I'm more concerned about what goes through these people's heads. Too many times my wife and I have said "let's move to a place where only a few people live and start living a new kind of life where what's held as important is important"

Maybe someday the world will make itself right. Here's to praying that it will.


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Life has little or no meaning to more people now than ever before is my only thought right now.

Well, life has always been cheap. It's just that previously, the entire world's evil wasn't condensed for you and presented as if it happened downtown just this very afternoon.

As for what's wrong with kids.. well nothing really, they are still just kids. However kids have always been pretty mean and nasty, especially in groups. The parents and community have pertty much checked out of the picture though, which means nobody to check the kids when they act badly, and nobody to support them when things are hard.

It baffles me that people can't grasp the concept that sometimes (not often hopefully), it's a parent's JOB to kick a kids ass (physically or emotionally) because the parent is standing in for someone not related to you, that if you learned the lesson from, might not exercise any restraint.

I've definitely been down the road of feeling like things are falling apart. Turning off the TV, looking at all the things it told me were going horribly wrong, and then seeing if I see any of that stuff around me in my daily life helps put their BS in perspective. It's a planet of 6 billion people, there will always be something very wrong somewhere. There are more people living happy comfortable lives than ever before in history too, the only way that makes the news is if some talking head is trying to scare you that it's going to come to a screaching halt real soon now.

From my local world, the most dangerous thing is your car, followed by depression, then bad diet, then smoking, getting old, and drinking, and drug abuse coming in with honorable mention.

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