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How much space in between presses?

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Doesn't matter. You'll change it later anyway.

It really depends on how long your bench is. No such thing as too much space between them, but obviously you have a limitation with what else needs to also be on the bench.

For those presses, I'd guess at least two feet clear between them would be doable, but I'd prefer at least three.

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If you can afford two 1050's with Mr Bullet's, you can afford to build more bench space with upper and lower cabinets and lights! There is no rule, whatever you are comfortable with. Me. I got the Po-Boy setup, a tiny corner of the laundry room....


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My bench is of generous size - 15' long, 3' wide. There are five presses total, with two 1050's on the right half.

What I found is - if your goal is just operation of the presses, then a foot between them is sufficient. But if you also want the access to the bench behind them, then give it at least your shoulder width - about 2'. Due to my bench's width I routinely need to reach to its back area, so I actually don't have enough room - I wish I had more.

If your bench is fairly narrow, like 24", then this concern disappears.

On that long bench I have two spots about 3' wide, which I use for assorted tasks like packing ammo.


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That's not a re-loading room, that's an ammo factory!

Wow, my thoughts exactly.

As to the OPs question, I think 2 feet is the bare minimum I would personally use. I like to keep some things handy on my bench and wouldn't want them any tighter than that.

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