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Red Dot Mounts cross reference

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What mounts will work for multiple brands of Reflex Sights. For example Are Doctor and J-point interchangeable ect . Will the mount work with an adapter from __________ manufacturer . The sights that I am wondering about are listed below.






Delta Point

SIG Romeo 1 and 2

Vortex Razor and Venom

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The Docter and the J-Point use different mounts. When I enquired, I was told the Delta Point also used the J-Point configuration. The Burris FastFires fit on a Docter mount and everything aligns and works. The C-More red dots use their own mounting system. The screw holes are much closer together than on the older mounts. That makes them easier to directly mount on a slide.

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Does anyone have hole pattern measurements for any of these? I would like to compare with the SIG Romeo.

The report I heard is that the Romeo 1 is similar to the Delta Point but if someone can share the measurements of Delta point mounting pattern I can confirm.

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I have several FF3s mounted in the dovetail slots and one mounted directly to a modified 1911 slide. They all work perfectly.

A note to 1911 shooters: If you have your slide milled for a dot, make absolutely sure your smith mills the slide so the dot mounting surface is parallel to the bore axis when in battery. If he mills it parallel to the bottom of the slide, you will not have enough adjustment to zero if using a Docter, and probably if using a FF3.

Even though you are supposed to cut the dovetails on a 1911 slide at about a 1 degree down angle to match the axis of the bore in battery, many manufacturers don't. If you have one of those slides, you will have to shim the mount to zero.

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We made a list at Adams arms while making our voodoo innovations Glock slides we made 5 separate footprint cuts to accommodate the majority of mini red dots. Cuts 2 & 4 accommodate multiple optics


1- Trijicon RMR (no other)

2- Burris ff, Vortex venom and viper, dr optic

3- Leupold delta 

4-vortex razor, cmor sts & cts

5- Eo tech/L3 MRDS


hope that helps 

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I have an ADE RD3-009-2 that I am wanting to mount to a Ruger SR9e. The Ruger has 1911 Novak cut  and I’m rear sights and I’m looking for a mount to fit it. ADE does not make a mount for Novak cut sights and I’m just trying to see if it is doable or if I need to just pony up and get a whole new red dot and mount. 


Side note, I know everything I just listed is on the cheap end but I like the pistol and the red dot was free from a buddy. 


Thank y’all!

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I just picked up a ZEV OZ9 Competition (KC Eusibio). Unfortunately, I did not know that it was only setup for Bushnell red dots. Called ZEV and they confirmed this. I prefer the Trijicon SRO optic. Does anyone know of an adaptor plate or any way that I can mount an SRO to this pistol? 

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On 12/22/2020 at 10:13 AM, bikingarcola said:

Does anyone know the footprint for my Bushnell RXS 100?   Would like to mount on my G17 with an adaptor plate.

Thanks, Randy

Leopold delta pro footprint

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