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10mm In Limited


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Rule book for US APPENDIX D7 Limited Division states "Any complete handgun or components produced by a factory and available to the general public for one year and 500 produced. Prototypes are specifically not allowed."

Description of STI Bull Barrel from Brownell states " Barrels are supplied with a generic, short chamber which can be opened up to accept any of the popular pistol cartridges".

Is it legal in Limited to install a .400 bull barrel, that has been reamed to 10mm specs, in my .40 S&W STI limited gun and shoot 10mm.

I know, there will be many who would want to know why I would even think about this: I already have a 10mm STI open gun, large primers vs small primers, better bullet seating, one bullet for two divisions, less pressure at major pf, nobody will pocket my brass.

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I've done the reverse for two years now.

I have a Glock 20 (10mm) that I change the barrel and shoot as a 40S&W for L10 and LTD. One R.O. questioned the conversion as being not Legal. It was addressed and the Ruling was It's Legal.

Not legal for Prod.

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