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Sti Hornet


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Bad news for you...they have been discontinued by STI due to sluggish sales. Fred and I bought the only two 9mm Hornets at STI (they were returned by one of those large dealer types because they (the Hornets, not the dealer types) didn't sell). There may be some more returned sooner or later, though.

Dave told me that if I would order ten identical guns, I could have whateverthehellIwanted...I wanted an aluminum framed Hornet with the "tactical light rail of death", but I don't know what to do with the other nine guns so I haven't ordered yet :lol:

Anyway, I left mine stock (except for swapping the Heinie sights out for Hienie Tritium sights ;) ). It is a heck of a cool gun...like a real Open gun only shorter! The lack of weight (and iron sights) is a bit odd, but I'm really pleased with it. I have an assortment of 5" STI holsters, and plan on using it for cop matches and the occasional "tactical" 3-Gun game.

Fred took his Hornet, built his own low-mount scope mount bracket for one of those new tiny little TruGlo dot sights, modified a Bladetech DOH 6" holster to fit it all, and has been running it in 3-Gun matches (SMM3G) and in local matches. Runs like a champ, as would be expected from a factory STI.

We are both thinking of begging Dave for a pair of replacement (or Stinger ;) ) barrels, and reaming them out to 9 by 23...just to see how that works with the itty bitty comp.

Anyway...yes, I have a 9mm Hornet and I'm REALLY fond of it. If you find one, I highly recommend buying it :)


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