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Gold Team slide racker


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We must be at the same progression path in the Tanfoglio World. Just last week I called EAA and asked to purchase additional screws form my GT racker when I discovered I only had one, securing it in place. Unfortunately, they haven't gotten back to me yet on availability.

The single hex screw I have was loose which led me to believe the other one fell out. Now I am not too sure.

Since then I have tightened, saturated every screw with either purple, blue or red loctite. I also put a drop of Rocksett adhesive on the bottom of the racker to form a ceramic industrial bond between the slide and racker. (warning: Rocksett if bonded correctly will create a permanent seal that can only be broken down by submerging in water for 24+ hours....not really an option for a slide and racker situation). Since my mount is left side only, my racker may never need to be removed. "Theory versus Reality" ---->> I used Rocksett on a barrel and compensator and in real-life use, it unbonded on its own, due to extensive heat.

BTW Eric sent me the screws for my mount. Still short on the "mount to frame" (Hopefully blue loctite), but the "C-More to Mount" screws appear to secure firmly (drenched in purple loctite).

I am letting it all cure before taking it to the range. Hoping I have a final solution.

If I hear back from EAA, I'll update you.

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