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Anyone here using Lovex Powders?


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I have read that Lovex D032-03 is a direct replacement for AA#2.

The factory load data reads- "D032 A fast burning, low density, double base, ball propellant similar to Accurate No. 2. It is excellent in almost all handgun cartridges, especially where clean burning is desirable. "

I have not seen AA#2 on the shelf in a while and thought this might be good time to stock up since Powder Valley has this in stock.

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I read Lovex D032-03 is a direct replacement for AA#2.

factory data reads- "D032 similar to Accurate No. 2.

I have no direct knowledge of this new powder, but according to YOUR post, the factory

is NOT saying it's a Direct Replacement - saying they are similar.

Similar is NOT identical. Be careful. :cheers:

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My FFL is also an ammo remanufacturer. He's been using Lovex pistol and rifle powders for about 6 months due to powder availability issues. He can get the Lovex powder in bulk. I get it from him in retail packaging.

I have worked up, and am shooting, a 9mm load for 147 grain flat point BlueBullets:

Powder: D032-03

Powder Load: 3.5 grains

Primer: Win SPP

Case: WCC once-fired

OAL: 1.125

Velocity: 899 fps, sd 8

Firearm: XDm 4.5"

I don't observe any smoke with this load.

I'm planning to use the same load for SNS 147 grain fp coated. My initial batch using the same recipe (and die setup) as above is a little smoky, I'll back off on the crimp a bit to see if that solves the issue.

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I bought 5# marketed as Clean Shot because it was available. I have worked up two loads so far, one for the .45, the other escapes me. This is a superfine powder which meters very well, I had virtually no variance on thrown charges. I did not extensively evaluate SD but my speeds were pretty consistent. There is published data on PDF out there.


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