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Any "Air Rifle" people here? I have a question

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I sold my RWS 54 air rifle to a friend several years back so he could take care of a Squirrel problem.

I am now thinking it would be nice to get an air rifle setup again.

I did a quick search and there are way too many to choose from.

Looking for advice..

I don't want gas/CO2.

Looking for a Spring/lever type.

.177 since I have a pile of pellets left.

I'll mount a scope.

Used for plinking and small pest control.

Any rifles you'd recommend?

Thanks in advance..

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I would also suggest one of the HW airguns.

Depending on the distance a 40 (as an entry level) or a 97 (high end) would be good in spring

A 90 is ideal in gas ram

Whatever scope you get, make sure that you get a good dampa scope mount (even though the HW ae nor scope killers a dampa mount is a good insurance)

Have a look at Ted's Holdover channel in Youtube and you will get plenty of info on airguns.

(Careful though, you will get stuck and in the end from a simple springer you will find yourself with a PCP. I'know, I did it. Started looking for springer an ended up with a highly tuned AA410S in .22. Never regretted it.)

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I'd suggest one of the non spring ones.

Back in the late 90s I had a beautiful Daystate PCP rifle that I used for Field Target shooting - Non sprig was the way to go.

I've sold my tanks and regulators. For my current needs I want to keep it simple.

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the rules of our town say it has to be spring loaded. so I spent $17 on a red ryder. after 1k rounds it broke so bought another. it's cheap, fun, and I have the wife really enjoying shooting in the back yard. Plus, it's actually louder than my suppressed savage 22 with subs. so to actually take care of critters that will make an appearance. And if anyone happens to investigate, a tin can full of BBs should be a reasonable (and more legal) explanation.

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Springers were the way to go 20 years ago, now it's all about the PCP's. I can't recommend any of the new springers, I have no experience with them. From what I understand, most of them are crap since the good manufacturers have switched to PCP. If you have to have a springer, I'd look for an old Beeman from before they were sold to China and have it rebuilt. I have a Beeman R11 and not only is it gorgeous, it's easily the most accurate gun in my safe.

If you want to give PCP's a try, I'd recommend a Benjamin Marauder to start. Probably the best value in PCP's right now. Powerful, inexpensive, tough, very accurate.

If you want a new/inexpensive springer, I'd head over to the airgun forums or check reviews at Pyramid Air.

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With a springer you want to get them tuned, cocking and trigger. Obviously it's silly to throw money at a cheap Chinese Walmart rifle but you can get into a decent German HW for a few hundred bucks... Look for the "Yellow Forum" or Gateway to Airguns for someone selling an already tuned one. I have an HW50 tuned to have less power but to shoot smoother and quieter, the opposite of how most companies market their airguns. Perfect for backyard pests at 30-40 yards and for $350 - $500 you have a "lifetime" keeper gun opposed to a toy.

PCP guns are great but it takes 3-4x more investment to do it right. Most people start with hand pumps and Crosmans but those get old really fast. You can buy used Mauraders for peanuts because people either upgrade or quit. There are some nice bullpups coming out but you're talking $2k for gun, scope, and tank.

When they finally perfect semi-auto PCP air rifles I'm down but cocking a springer isn't that hard... 20-40 lbs depending on gun.

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Do you guys get the QB79 or AR2079 (industry brand) rifles over in the states?

I have one of each and they're fantastic. Pretty damn accurate and pretty cheap too. Powered by paintball CO2 tanks, so no pumping or expensive high pressure air stuff

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Yeah this family does a good job of supporting them, Chinese quality but better than most: http://www.archerairguns.com

This is the tuner I use for my German springers, about $200 for a full work up:


39 Big Mount Road
Thomasville, PA17364
(717) 873-5128
Authorize sales and service team for Vortek products. A full tune, airgunsmith offering spring lubes, trigger tunes and other customer requested options.

If you watch sales/specials you can get a HW30 or HW50 or HW97 in the low $300 range from good online dealers like Pyramyd Air. Used guns are even better, and it is hard to wear them out. There are several good inexpensive offshore scopes that are airgun rated to handle the springer's intense forward-backward recoil (yes it is harder on a scope than a powder gun) and when you're done you basically have an Anschutz sporter quality in an air rifle.

IMHO even a soft tuned .177 springer is more useful for me on my property because I can legally shoot it and at the skunk-squirrel range it can be at least as accurate (I think I'm better because I'm not watching over my shoulder to see if the coast....)(and it doesn't sound nearly as loud to alert any jerks). In practical terms it's about a half or a third the power of a 22lr so you do head shots.

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