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practiscore not sending follow up e mail after approval


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hey all,

i am trying go get PS up and running. 1st time using it to register people for the match.

i created it all.

it sends an e mail saying "thx for registering....payment info will follow" i am not using PS payment set up (which brings me to another question......is that easy to use? anything i have t o do to use their payment system?)

anyway i approve the shooter and i am waiting for PS to send the next e mail that says "pay here, and squad" it never sends it. it worked for me once in my test run. now i have 6 shooters signed up and nothing happens after approval. i have waited 12-24 hours and still nothing.

any ideas?



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I have used my other email address and registered for my match and everything worked fine.

No one else has received the "thank you for registering you have been approved please pay email. "

The email address I am using on practice score is a yahoo email address. Could this be causing me problems?

It is odd that I can receive emails from my yahoo email to my other email account with no problem, yet no one else that has registered for my match receive any emails.

I have emailed back to score and am waiting for a response. Any ideas until then?


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