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Neck Bushings for RCBS Gold Medal Dies (223/308)


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There's some measurements you need to take and you also need to decide how much neck tension you want to be able to answer your question.

First you need to know the thickness of your case's neck. From my experience most aren't concentric and need to be sized properly and turned so that they are concentric.

Then you can do the math and decide how much tension you want on the bullet. I.E. Bullet=.224 + neck wall thicknes .010x2= .244 then subtract the amount of neck tension you want I.E. .002

This is just an example you need to take some measurements and decided how much tension you want.

If you don't want to turn your necks then measure your bullet diameter and seat a few bullets and then measure a few of your necks to get a general idea of your neck thicknes and go from there. It took me a while to get set up to neck size with bushings and I'm not sure that it really helped my group sizes much but it was fun figuring it out. Hope this helps

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