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What size Magazine for JM pro


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I have a JM Pro that I believe is working well now. I would like to add a magazine extension. It carries 9+1 right now and I'm thinking about added a +3 extension.

Is that a good idea or should I go with a +4. I don't want it to get so long that I can knock down the targets with the magazine...but then again, it would save ammo...hmmm.

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Ya I agree 12+1. It gives you the option to add 4 at the start. Usually the common ones I have seen are 10+1 and 12+1. I am running a 12+1 here and it has definitely helped on some stages where I can stuff those extra rounds and go into a tight array with 13 rounds vs having to shoot it partially and stuff a couple more. The only Time I could really see a 13 helping would be if it was one where they have you start with 9 rounds in the gun but the chamber empty and you can grab the gun and stuff 4 before charging it but for me its not worth it for something like thats not seen a ton and havig the extra length

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I tried the 13+1 and at 5'10" height, I had a few close calls clearing dump barrels. Courses requiring me to shoot through ports or windows were a total shitshow.

I've since switched to factory division, so 8+1 at all times, and I don't miss the spear-length shotgun at all. Part of it is just getting better at reloads in general. For me, after a certain point, total mag capacity isn't as big a time saver as trying to get smooth and consistent with reloads on the clock.

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Well, now it gets more complicated. I ordered the +3, like the web sight indicated. When it got here, of course it didn't fit. After 4 emails back and forth with their sales department, I ended up having to send it back and order a whole +8 tube with coupler, endcap and spring. It seems the JM Pro uses the old "EXT" threads, rather than their new and improved MXT threads. I have no idea what the difference is other than they don't match.

.....so now I'm waiting for the new package to arrive. I hope it fits.

The $35 buck total shipping and having to upgrade to another kit made it much more expensive than I was expecting.

They don't talk about the thread difference on the web sight. I guess they just expect you to pay +$20 bucks for shipping two ways if it doesn't fit your setup.

If you don't have a JM pro, make sure you call them (actually pretty difficult to reach them) or email them to ask what you definitely need before you order it.

Lesson learned.

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