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Official 2015 Fort Benning Multi-Gun Thread

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It's official, the Fort Benning Multi-Gun is back!! We are back and better than ever. This year will feature 10 stages. 3 one gun, 4 two gun and 3 three Gun stages. We will have all the great Army props for everyone to play with (nothing on the clock this year), to include:

Sniper Rifle

Alice Pack

Parachute Harness


Shoot House (going to be awesome!)

Skedco (might not seem as awesome, but definatly memerable)

CBRN Mask (don't ask... you don't want to know)

Rapel gear

and much much more...

The match will have top quality stages that are fair, consistent and fun. We will be using 3 GN rules, however we will be using IPSC targets. Scoring will be through Practiscore and sign-up/registration will be ran online.

Registration. This year we are trying to encourage junior shooters to come see what the Army has to offer, so if you will bring a junior shooter to the match you will have a 24 hour jump on the rest of the competitors. This is the way it will work:

Friday September 18th at 2100 EST registration will open. If you have a junior shooter (under 18 as of 4 December 2015) you will both sign up with the other as the first person in the squad request box.

Saturday September 19th at 2100 EST registration will open for everyone else (if the match hasn't filled obviously)

This is going to be a great match with stages setup and designed by the USAMU's Action Shooting Team, Tyler Payne, Joel Turner, Matt Sweeney, Kattie Harris, John Browning, Michel Buss, and myself Daniel Horner. The entry fee will be $225. If you have any questions please do not PM me (I will not get it... I promise) send an email to:


The website is http://fortbenningmultigun.com/

We really hope you can make it, and if you can we will do everything we can to make it a great time for you!!

Talk to you soon,


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Registration for non-junior shooters opens tomorrow, Correct?


Please read:

Due to some scheduling conflict the registration date was push back one week.

Also, we are trying to encourage as many junior participants as possible to shoot this event. There will be a 1 day advantage given to anyone who will bring a junior shooter. So If you are bringing a junior shooter to the match you and your junior will be able to sign up Friday. All remaining slots will be opened up on Saturday the 19th at 2100 EST. This is to encourage junior shooters, and also to give them a glimpse into the Army and let them get some good experiences they will remember forever.

Registration will open:

Friday September 18 at 2100 EST

(9:00pm Eastern Standard Time)

Please read above

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I registered last night after seeing the post on Facebook. It never indicated anything about a junior sign up. My card was hit for the $225 already so kind of confused as to how this will work tonight.

I hope I get a spot.

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My message said I was registered but not yet approved to shoot the match, whatever that means. If my card gets hit but I'm not in the match, that's screwed up. Hell, I'm still waiting for my silver coin from the 2010 match.

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I don't know, but have not seen anything about Linda being involved.

Are you in?


It pains me to say it, but , No , I am not in. Maybe with more advanced notice , I probably would have been able to put it in the schedule.

However, it sure would be great to get the old gang back yourself, Ryan, Dewey, them Carolina Boys from Hartsville (both Jamie's,Craig, and Bobby), and shoot this wonderful match. We had some good times at the old FB3G matches. If successful, maybe they will have it next year and with a little more notice. I will be sure to throw my name in the hat for that one.

Will you be shooting heavy metal?

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We're gonna post up at the Hampton South... Pretty close to the base, food, and fun

I'm pretty excited to be going back to Benning again... I shot the '06 and '07 matches there, an they left lasting memories of how good a 3 gun match can be when you have endless toys to pick from

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