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Please critique my USPSA match


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Newish USPSA shooter here. I'd appreciate any feedback you guys have to offer.

I've been mostly an IDPA guy for the last four years, but I'm going to transition to mostly USPSA starting in October. I'm currently Production B, but I'd love to make A before the end of the year.

Thanks in advance!

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Nice shooting! Looked nice and smooth most places. Some things that I thought of that you could work on though are:

1) Move faster! Get that reload done and haul balls! You generally start your reload and begin moving well, but once you finish your reload you keep moving at the same half trot thing you've got going here. RUN

2) Practice shooting SHO/WHO. Practice your transitions to weak hand, reloads to a single hand, etc. Practice setting your feet before the string so that you don't have to readjust for shooting with one hand. If you prefer to give preference to the shooting hand, setup that way from the beginning.

3) Some reloads have a delay (classifier string 1 is a good example) before you begin. As soon as the round leaves the gun (assuming you call a good shot) the mag should be dropping and you should bringing the gun in for your fresh magazine.

4) On stage 5 you had a little stutter step at position 3 in the big shooting box. Without being at the stage I don't know if it was more or less required or not, but my guess is if you had setup a bit more to the right to begin with you could have shot everything there and lost that position.

Again though, you looked good!

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