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Dillon BFR?

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Found one for about $900... would like to get into .50 reloading, but any personal experiences with one?

I know it's going to be really high quality, but a part of me is wondering just how useful it is since you have to move the 50BMG cases around so much manually.

Station 1. Deprime/Resize

Station 2. Remove case and put on top of toolhead for priming. (Assuming swaging is not needed... if so... Dillon has a $300 50BMG swager lol)

All the brass will then need to be trimmed down in a separate Giraud trimmer I have. All the brass will then be moved back to the Dillon for loading.

Station 3. Hornady powder measure. (I don't think Dillon has one for 50 BMG)

Station 4. Bullet Seating. (Manually remove completed round and move next brass to station 3 for powder)

Think that works? Basically it's a high quality/durable press and saves me the hassle of removing any dies. Or do I have a grave misunderstanding of the process?

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With the trimming off the press, will the progressive features really be used?

You have to remove the case from the shell plate and put it on the tool head to prime? A "ram prime" at that cost?

Primer pocket swaging, at least, is a one-time issue.

Unless feeding a very hungry machine gun, I would think a large single-stage would be just as good.

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