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New (to me) svi questions...


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Hello all. I picked up my new svi today. I know I am at least the 3rd owner. I have a few questions here. I plan on sending an email to infinity tomorrow to see if it was a svi build or svi frame.

Ok. Has anyone had a plastic guide rod with shock buffer? Do they work? I put 70 rounds through it today and it ran well but I don't want an issue down the road. I put in a steel one to be sale.

The slide is a caspian. I believe that it is a replacement. The fit is nice, it just looks odd. The rear of the slide looks like it was topped a small amount ant the rest is all rounded. The slide needs a racker, it is very hard to use w my bum hand.

Last question. It came with 3 mags. 2 are old svi mags and one is a 126mm sti.

They are the shorter old mags. Comparing the tubes the 170 looks 5mm short as does the 140mm.

I put on a Dawson's pad and grams spring/follower and got a tight 27???

Is there a major combo for the short tubes or should I sell them and get sti mags?

The barrel doesn't say infinity, it is a C/P ramp. 4 port with infinity comp

Thank you for the help!







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Yes they are old svi mags. What is the best combo to use?

I have one of those preban? Svi magazines, i've put one of the old Para +2 basepad on it, and it gives me 23 rounds of 9mm with a grams follower kit :) look pretty good as well ..

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