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Springs in a STI Trubor


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Anybody know what the mainspring / hammer spring weight is in a factory Trubor 9mm?

STI 's website says that the recoil spring in there compensated guns is 8 lbs. but it sure feels like it's heavier than that anybody know for sure?

I don't have a spring tester I was thinking about just ordering some new springs. Any recommendations for main spring and recoil spring for Major and minor loads?


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Thanks guys. I ordered a 17# ISMI mainspring and a 7 and 8# Wolff recoil spring. According to STI's web page there compensated guns come with an 8# recoil spring. So far all I have ran is about 200 rounds of my reloads that are minor PF. As the gun got dirty it has some stove pipes and double feeds only about 10 out of 200. For a brand new, stiff, gun I'm pretty happy. Loaded up some hotter loads to begin my testing for major PF using HS-6 and 124 xtreme HP bullets.

Thanks for the help.

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Some of the double feeds were against the scope mount. Some stove pipes sticking straight out from the port. I didn't really think it was bad considering it was brand new just out of the box and all I did was put a little oil on the rails before running it. I was using my idpa load which is about 1060 fps with 124 gr xtreme.

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Hello: Buy some jacketed bullets for your major loads. Montana Gold JHP's work well and feed great. Just to let you know the Wolff springs may be more than the 7 or 8lbs they say on the package. Thanks, Eric

Thanks for the info on Wolff springs, that's good to know. I've been looking at MG and also Precision Delta for making Major PF.

The stove pipes were probably caused by under powered rounds. The slide is not cycling fast or far enough with those minor rounds.

Kind of what I figured. I wasn't too concerned as most of the FTE were at the end of the 200 rounds when the gun was pretty dirty from all the burned powder and oil mixed with whatever that grease STI coats their guns in.

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I had all kinds of problems with my Turbor after I received it new in Feb 2013.

It now has a trigger job, and a 90 degree mount, but no other major work, like slide lightening. I did add a slide racker once I added the thumb shield.

I use a 17# main spring and either a 7 or 8 pound recoil spring, which I change depending on how the gun feels under recoil.

I use a Georgia Arms 125gr LEAD bullet. I've shot about 15,000 rounds with no leading! I use 9.2 gr of AA7.

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What gun? Is it a 5 inch recoil system?

I just bought the Dawson took less guide rod to put normal springs in my new STI steel master. Added the aluma buffer too. Easy peezy

Hello: Get a EGW(for STI gun) or STI guide rod and reverse plug. 8lb and 9lb ISMI recoil spring with a 17lb ISMI mainspring. Thanks, Eric

I have the STI Steel Master. I will check Dawson today order one. You have mentioned ISMI springs on other posts Eric, I have been hearing about them more and more. I was a big Wolff fan for many years but have not bought a new spring in awhile. How often do you replace those? Just number of rounds or age too?

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Hello: I have used some in guns that are at least 8 years old. I do check their spring rate every once in a while but they don't change much like some other springs do. They are made from chrome silicon material which is the same as your valve springs in your car. Other springs are made from piano wire and rolled into a spring. I don't use the tool less guide rod since I am cheap and like the standard guide rods. Just a note I am not sponsored or work for ISMI, I just like their products and they work great for me. I will try different parts but once I find what works for me I stick with it. One less thing to worry about. Thanks, Eric

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