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Sp-01 tactical trigger mods?


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This question is for those that know what these parts are for, shoots competitively (ish), has done mods and has shot extensively both before and after mods

I am now getting more frequent sub .20 splits without the 14m lifter, and disco. On a scaled uspsa target a-zone (majority)

Because my splits are dropping and because I have trained the way it is I'm under the impression that these parts will "improve" my shooting.

I'm a novice and would like you opinions pro or con. I figured I'd get more experienced opinion before I totally poo poo the idea

Currently has a great polish job and has pretty much all other internal/ignition upgrades minus sear, lifter, disco. Thing is she shoots like a dream. As good if not better than tuned 1911

Please advise

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Is this the decocker model? If you already have a CZ Competition decocker hammer, the only other mods worth pursuing are the Type 2 Disco, 85 combat/CZ97 trigger, extended firing pin, and lighter springs.

If you install a CGW Type 2 Disco, it will reduce the amount of pre travel slop when you are in Single Action mode.

Nobody makes an upgraded sear ATM. I don't think they will offer one down the road either.

I believe the CGW lifter is basically the same dimensions as the oem one but it is made from tool steel.

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I am not sure what you are asking. Are they needed?

If you are properly prepping the trigger, then I don't think so. I would install a type 2 disco because I like reduced take up.

I was not aware that the CGW firing pin safety lifter had different dimensions than the stock one. They looked exactly the same the last time I ordered one.

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