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Reloading data needed for 220 grain plated bullets


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  • 4 weeks later...

I received some Extreme 220 GR plated after I had ordered some 200s. I decided to keep them and experiment.

I searched the web and found some 220GR LTC-TJ (?) data for WSF on a website called Jeff Maass IPSC load data.

I started conservative and developed a 40SW long load that averaged right at major PF with no visible pressure signs.

The pistol is a G20 with a LWD 10-40 barrel and a 15lb recoil spring.

All listed data uses: (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)

Extreme 220GR RNFP plated bullet.

WSF powder at various charge weights.

Wolf SPP.

OAL of 1.175"

3.6GR of WSF (4 shots NOV 2013)

HI 660

LO 605

AVE 631

This load failed to consistently cycle the G20 slide .

3.8GR of WSF (5 shots NOV 2013)

HI 719

LO 666

AVE 693

4.0GR of WSF (5 shots NOV 2013)

HI 730

LO 699

AVE 715

4.2GR of WSF (10 shots-NOV 2014)

HI 744

LO 696

AVE 720 (158PF)

4.4GR WSF (10 shots NOV 2014)

HI 775

LO 733

AVE 753 (165PF)

I settled on 4.5GR and figured that should consistently be a major PF load. The 4.5GR load was accurate enough for me at 25 yards.

I shot the 4.5GR load in some practice matches. Muzzle flip was subdued compared to my normal 165GR major load and the slide felt sluggish.

I did not care for the slower slide speed. Some shooters behind me claimed to have seen light reflecting off of the base of the bullet during the night practice match. This was the first time I had noticed a significant difference in slide speed of any pistol I've shot with 'gamer' loads and I found I prefer a lighter bullet with higher slide speed.

No load development was completed for a 220GR, 10MM load.

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I have experimented with titegroup and 220's quite a bit. These were all .40 loads loaded to 10mm typical lengths.


xtreme 220's.


3.8 grains

169 power factor in a 5 inch 1911

S&B primers

Titegroup @ 3.6 grains

1.165 length

170 FP in a 5 inch. 1911

Tula primers

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  • 3 years later...

I recently got a mould (from Accurate moulds) and casted myself a healthly supply of 40s weighing in at 225ish. Powder coated of course. Loaded at 1.14” coal over 3.75gr of Winchester 244. Mixed brass, Super soft, shot great out of my primary pistol made PF 175ish for IPSC standard but not so much in my spare gun. 

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