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Newbie reloader loading for IDPA


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Hello all, this is my first post here and I just started reloading a couple weeks ago. I am reloading primarily for 45acp in IDPA for both cost and to find an accurate load that is a little lighter than factory 230gr FMJ. I shoot an Ed Brown Kobra 5' and typically shot Federal American eagle 230gr FMJ. In a few thousand rounds of factory ammo (knock wood) I have never ever had any feed issues.

So I started reloading and took a class at a local store. The guy that taught me got me set up with Universal 5.8gr and 200gr copper plater flat nose. I was not real fond of the universal, seemed slow. So at the suggestion of many I tried Bullseye. I also ordered 200gr SWC Hi-Tek from Bayou and loaded 4.9gr of Bullseye. So here are my questions based on the Bullseye loads.

1) The 200gr SWC groups nice in my gun, but now POA/POI has changed to shooting slightly high compared to what I was used to with factory. Is it the bullet or the load?

2) I had two rounds in about 100 that did not RTB during feeding. Again, never happened to 230gr FMJ. My COL was 1.235. Seems like a lot of possible SWC and 1911's being finickey. Also lots of match shooters seem to like 230gr round nose for matches. Should I be thinking of trying 230 gr RN given my first and second question?

If so, what? Lots of people on here seem to like X-Treme? Hi-Tek?


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Welcome aboard. :cheers:

If all you have to make is Minor PF (125+), you should be able to go with a

230 grain RN bullet at 600 fps - a real powder puff.

Or a 185 grain bullet at 676 fps (also a Very Light load).

I'd concentrate on getting the right bullet (RN is easier) and the right

OAL for the bullet (The Plunk Test), and go real easy with almost

any powder that meters well.

If you need Major PF (165+), then you'd be better off with a heavier

(230 gr RN) and a fast powder like Bullseye or WW231 or N320.

Good luck with it. :cheers:

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A 225/230 bullet and a fast powder is about as good as it's going to get to make 165 PF. When running 200 grain bullets you need more powder and get a snappier/increased recoil. The big bullet and fast powder produces more of a gentle push.

TiteGroup seems to work well with plated or coated bullets in .45 (although it sucks for 9mm/.38 Spl) another good choice is 231/HP38, Clays, or Clay Dot, if you can find any....others I have used are WSF and Universal but they produce a bit more recoil.

The Xtreme 225 grain .45 plated FP is the most accurate bullet (and I used TiteGroup) that I have ever shot in my S&P M&P, and that includes premium factory loads. 760 fps gets you 171 PF and it's about as soft as you'll get in a Major .45 load. It's a LOT softer than factory 230 hardball.

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My most favorite load has no feeding issues and is very soft, clean and accurate. 3.9 grns of Ram Shot Competition and a 230 grn Hi-Tek round nose from ACME Bullets loaded to 1.240. My Wife also shoots this load because of it's softness. It makes 170 PF in all of our guns.

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