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Steel Master Durability


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The are multiple posts were Steel Master owners state they shoot Major ammo thru them.

I'm thinking of buying one for Steel Challenge, Pro Am style matches and probably USPSA.

The question to the folks shooting Major is have you had any failures? If you did, what failed, slide, barrel lugs, etc.? And how many Major rounds did it take?

I know the comp is small and is for lighter loads, but several smiths are building 9 Major guns with similar comps. So if it's sprung properly, will a Steel Master stand up to a steady diet of Major ammo?

I had a short, light Open gun in the past, and I want to try another. And, there's better deals on Steel Masters than Match Masters. I'd rather by a factory gun and do the tuning myself.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I called sTI when I was looking at one to buy and they said no problem

Their But was

Try heavier springs to get the feel you want instead of lighter

But running 8lbs springs wasn't a concern for them

I suggest you call and get your questions answered first hand from them

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