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Friday Flamer 3-18-2005

Nik Habicht

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I hate that Carol --- who's been out of work with a longterm recurring herniated disc problem --- was also diagnosed with Meralgia Paresthetica today. It's a problem with the nerve that controls most of the sensation in the outer thigh; something's pressing on it, causing recurring numbness and tingling that changes to excruciating pain --- she describes it as someone pouring boiling water over her thigh, and this is a woman who lets a dentist drill away at her without lidocaine. I hate that it wakes her up every two hours or so through the night --- and that she escapes to the hallway or bathroom before screaming!

I hate that the knuckleheads treating this don't see it as a timesensitive issue.

I hate General practioners who refer patients to these clowns. (Our GP is perfect in every way --- except for who she refers us to --- she's batting about .200 there.)

I hate that my parents shelled out decent money at a high end stereo store for a new receiver, turntable and speakers which were alledgedly in stock, but then had to be ordered from the warehouse for Tuesday delivery. Of course when Tuesday rolled around, only the speakers arrived, and the salesman tried the bait and switch thing. After I verbally beat the everlovin' crap out of salesman and manager, they arrange for delivery --- and the stuff actually shows up on Thursday. I pick it up and am happily in the middle of putting the system together for them, when I notice that I got sent home with the wrong cable connectors for the receiver. I hate that when I drive back to the store the geek salesman is in the back playing video games with a colleague --- and has the audacity to want to finish his game before getting me what he could have given me a week ago --- if he'd been paying enough attention to his job. I hate even more that there wasn't a manager around to complain to! (I want to take over American Business with EricW ---- but I'm pretty sure the national economy couldn't take the rise in unemployment after we fire all the slackers and non thinkers......)

I hate that the new record player still crackles and pops in the speakers whenever it's playing records --- and I'm going to have to spend more time troubleshooting that.......

I hate that my oldest cat is being treated for some combination of chemical pneumonia/congestive heart failure right now --- and that we might have to put her down in the morning........

And, last of all, it looks like the weather will be too crappy here on Sunday (when all scheduled matches are far away and I must make it to work in the p.m.) for me to risk the drive........

GRRRRR! I need trigger therapy!

Note to the uniniated: This is a moderately acceptable beginning to the Friday Flamer. 3QT or SigLady or any of a half dozen others could make me look like the rank amateur I really am......

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Nik - Sorry to hear about Carol - just wanted to say I'll be thinking of you and wishing a speedy recovery.

My rant - I can't even begin. I already did my bitch session earlier in the week - I'll stick to that one.

Tonight I won't be posting, I'll be drinking. If ya'll are lucky I'll get on late - that oughta produce some interesting posts . . .

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Thanks for lighting the Falme this week, I thought I was the only one who remembered the joy of a good rant.

I Hate the I am sick. Spring colds are the worst.

I hate that we got 2 inches of snow yesterday.

I hate that I don't have much work, which means I have less money.

I hate that I know my wife will give me sh!t about shooting this Sunday since I have been sick, and that she doesn't understand the (as Nik Called it) therapy trigger time provides.

I hate that my bankruptcy is taking forever and a damn year to get finialized.

I hate that the damn Fed Ex driver backed into one of my fence posts, snapping it off at the ground, then drove over my lawn, and then has the balls to say it wasn't him when I watched him do it.

I hate that it costs me 2 limbs and my l;eft nut every time I go to the gas station.

I hate that I cant think of more things that I hate right now.


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I hate the non-service "Service Desk" some stores have. My wife and I went to the local Target to cherry-pick their sales items. (Hey, if they're going to advertise the sale items, we'll buy 'em, but not the overpriced stuff.)

We get to checkout and two DVDs ring up at regular price, when they are sale items. We ask the cashier if that's right, and she says "Ask at the Service Desk." The High School kid working the desk has to radio someone to look at the sticker on the display rack, and radio back that they are indeed on sale. She then says "We'll just charge it back to your card." My wife asks about the label law refund.

Michigan has a label law bounty: If you are overcharged, you get back the overcharge amount, plus ten times the amount, up to five dollars per different item.

The clerk calls the "Manager" who says they don't have to pay the penalty, they are allowed a certain number of items lacking a price label, and no, she won't give us her last name. But she offers us a store comment card.

My wife lights into her, telling her that were she her employee she'd have been fired long ago, she is impressively bad at her job, and they can take all the items back and charge them back to the card.

I hate stores who try to make it such a hassle to keep them on the straight and narrow. I hate the modern business school practice of "the store employees are suprerior to the customer" I hate the fact that in a store large enough to have its own zip code, there is ever only one employee who knows anything, and that employee is always on break.

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Nik, I'm sorry to hear about your wife's health problems :( I hate incompetent docs, who think they're smarter than you, talk to you in a haughty fashion, get offended when you ask them pointed, intelligent questions, and then end up making the wrong diagnosis anyhow. I hate it even more when I had the *right* diagnosis.

I hate that I spent 8+ hours in the ER with my wife *last* Friday for what was originally feared to be heart attack precursors, only to find out that she probably just has esophagitis or acid reflux (note - I'm glad my wife is OK, just hate that it took over 8 hours to figure it out....)

I hate that I don't have the cash to just lay out for a full blown open rig.

I hate that I discovered empirically that my skills have degraded pretty far in the five years that I haven't been shooting, and that it's going to be a longer, harder road back to world domination than I thought.

I hate that I have delusions of granduer with regards to my future abilities at this game :lol:

I hate that my gun is at STI being worked on, under warranty, to correct a feed issue, and have a tune up... (how's that for selfish... they're workin' on it for *free*, Dave.... but I can't play with it while they have it).

I hate politicians and politics and the use of government by special interests groups to hold a gun to my head to rob me. I hate that I keep getting reminded of this - living in TEXAS, of all places. I expected crap out of the politicos in Atlanta, but not HERE :( I hate that talk radio reminds of this, and I hate that I'm addicted to talk radio....!@!!

I hate that there's not a gunsmith or manufacturer out there who hasn't hunted me out, yet, to give me a full sponsorship........ :lol: :lol: :lol: (see above....)

<sigh>.... enough. Wow, I feel a lot better :)

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This morning's good news: The vet called, the cat --- who appeared near death's door last night ---buffed up nicely and can go home later today with antibiotics to clear up the pneumonia.....

Let the chinese food jokes resume...... :D:D

It's amazing what a difference a few hours of sleep can make in your general attitude....

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I hate I woke up this morning to the sound of heavy equipment and trees snapping off as the gas well people starting slaughtering the bottom corner of my property.

I hate it that the guy who is in charge of this group came to my door and told me that I should go police up the areas around my shop, storage sheds and gun range to prevent his employees from stealing everything that is not tied down. Can you believe this stuff? He told me that 2/3 of his crew got regular visits on the job by their parole officer...WTF!

I hate it that I have already had the sheriff ( a friend of mine) come to the house and "visit" me and discuss what would happen if I have "problems" with any of the drilling or land crews.

I hate it that Buster can barely get out of bed in the morning and cries his arthritis hurts him so badly. I guess 15 is old for a cat...

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I hate being fibbed to. Buying a new machine and being told (on paper) it will ship the 5th...then by email it will ship the end of the week....it will ship wednesday....my brother is picking it up it will be at his place the 13th...my brother is having problems getting up here I'll ship it tomorrow....I shipped it yesterday it will be at my brothers tomorrow....(5 days later).....it was lost going to my brothers but we found it and will ship it to you tomorrow....3 more days later you should get it wed. the 15th....it will be there thursday....(wait around till 6pm). At this point I'm thinking there is a slim chance I may possibly see it today, but I'm not holding my breath.

I hate waiting 3 weeks to get something that is "in stock". (See, that's why I asked...."is it in stock"....yes....that's why I asked.)


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I hate it that Kyle gets to be a lazy slacker at home playing on the computer at 9:33 a.m. :P

I also hate being sick at a major match. Luckily it didn't get to bad untill Monday. SMM3G was a fun match, even if I don't remember much of it. After nearly 4 days in bed, two trips to the doctor, and two antibiotics things are looking a little better. I was vertical all day today. ;)


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