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Looking for a 3 gun upper assembly.


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Does anyone have a suggestion for a reasonable ar15 upper assembly in the $300-400 range, I'll go lower if possible. I have read and researched a bunch of different options and I do have an idea of what I want. I might go with a custom build, but I do want any suggestions or opinions, and I you you all have opinions.

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There are quite a few companies that offer complete uppers in that price range...however none I would consider ideal for 3gun.

Check Out :

Palmetto State Armory - They have deals all the time.

DPMS - Various Online Sources

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Not familiar with 3 gun or the set up that is needed. But the upper your looking at isn't bad for the price. Not sure of the quality of the barrel, but the 1:8 twist will give you the best range of bullet weight and the 223 wylde will give you a bigger range of off the shelf ammo. The upper it self has the keyhole cast mark, same upper the popular gun companies use. Hope that helps, have fun with your first build. By the way, you may want to watch GunBroker. You can find complete uppers for as little as $200.00, but again not too familiar with 3 gun or the set up that is best.

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