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3 Gun in California

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+1.....go check one out and make your decision from there. Featureless is a good option as well. I highly recommend the Thordsen FRS-15 stock. I have a 9mm carbine set up with the FRS-15 and after a few rounds I forget I am not shooting a standard configured AR. Please see the attached picture.


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+1 on featureless. I have been running a U-15 stock for 9 years, not available anymore. Thordsen FRS-15 is the way to go.

When I do travel out of state for a match, I just switch to a A2 stock and a pistol grip. BigBamBoo is right after a few rounds

you forget you are shooting a featureless. And have others have mentioned, check out a match, 3 gunners are more than

happy to show you their gear.

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