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Loading Unfired Lake City Primed 308 Brass in 650?

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I bought 2 x 500rd of the primed brass below, as well as 1000rd pulled bullets, hoping to load them as plinker ammo in my FN/FAL.

Can I safely run though my XL650 casefeeder to load? They shipped bulk bagged and people tumble loaded rounds, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

I was thinking to make a rack that dangles the brass necks into a shallow tray of Xylene (with a lid so I don't asphyxiate) to melt off the tar. There is some residual powder stuck on the tar, so cleaning them out seems prudent.

A quick check of 100 cases in an 8-hole EGW Chamber Checker Block found only 4 cases high and none low, so I can probably weed those out. I picked up a RCBS Neck Sizing die, but if I wash out the tar, is full sizing safe?

Bullets I can wash in Xylene as well.

Unfired 308 Lake City Primed Brass

1 = 500 rounds.

Tar sealed mouth, primed 308 Lake City Brass . Primer is crimped and lacquer sealed. Brass has the NATO cross headstamp. Most of the brass is LC12 or LC11 but there may be a different year dates on it. No guarantees.

This is exceptional brass. All primers are military 34 and all function. The brass has never been fired so it has the correct head space and case length, BUT YOU NEED TO CHECK THAT JUST AS YOU CHECK ALL BRASS, NEW AND FIRED THAT YOU RELOAD.

Note, the tar sealed mouth. When NATO 7.62 is pulled, it leaves the waterproof tar seal in the mouth. If you resize this brass and EXPAND the neck, the tar will gum up your expander ball. You have options, you can fight the gum, only neck size outside OR use a Q-tip with xylene and the tar will melt like butter. There appears to be enough tar left to waterproof and reseal your bullet and it doesn't seem to affect accuracy. But no guarantees on that. This is pulled brass after all.

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I have used many of the 308 cases you have. There are quite a few damaged necks so look at them good. In station 1 I use a Forster shoulder bump die with a 335 bushing, de-capper removed. This really straitens/resizes the necks and assures the shoulder is correct. I use a Dillon case gauge and make sure they gauge properly close to minimum. I then trim to spec on my Giraud trimmer and your ready to load. I do not bother with the tar at all. Makes great ammo.

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