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40 COAL issues


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I have a hornady AP progressive press. Hornady dies.

I was running Barry's FP at 1.125 and wasn't having a ton problems. My COAL would range +/- 3-5 at any given time. But all and all we are good.

Because I wanted to run a FMJ bullet I bought some Zero bullets. Working to set up the press again with the new bullets is proving to be a pain! I am getting anything from 1.124- 1.156. Literally in a row I ran 1.136, 1.146, 1.156........ I understand a range and getting some differance but this seems to be a bit much to get consistent results.

Any help would be appriciated.

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Start with the simple stuff

shell plate as tight as possible with out binding

seating die clean (clean it any way)

Double check your procedure i.e. push the handle all the way down and double check yourself for 10 rounds or so and then remeasure those 10 rounds.

If not the simple stuff hopefully a Hornady guy will chime in soon.

I load on Dillons but those are normal checks for any machine

Good fortune

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Great seating dies.

The only contact the round has is the seating stem and the shell plate (or, if you are crimping in one step, the crimp section of the die contacting the case mouth sides).

Unless the bullets are being pushed up (compressed powder charge in excess of what is recommended) or pulled up (sticking to seating stem due to some gunk and being pulled back up, bullets so loose that they just float up, something else?), or you are massively over-crimping while seating the bullet (and I have never seen this affect the COL), there would have to a gremlin involved.

As jcc7x7 says: Take the seating die apart and clean and inspect all parts.

Call Hornady if you still have problem.

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