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Hornady LNL Bullet Feeder - Keeping drop tube inside feeding die

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Just purchased a new pistol bullet feeder from Hornady for my LNL AP. Following the instructions and got everything all setup. However, the instructions don't mention anything about connecting the drop tube to the Hornady bullet feeding die.. Not a big deal, just feed the drop tube into the top of the bullet feeding die.

However, I am having a hard time keeping the tube inside the die.. as I work the press and as bullets feed the tube, the tube slowly backs out of the die.. I end up just holding it with my left hand as I work the handle.

Am I missing something that the instructions didn't cover?

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I didn't see anything for it either. I pushed the tube in as far as I could then put some duct tape around the tube and the little hanger support to keep it from riding up and that's worked pretty well so far.

I did something similar this morning by wrapping the tube with a layer of tape and it wedged into the die pretty well.. Held up for the 200 rounds I loaded this morning..

Thanks for the feedback!

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All instruction manuals should be written while doing the job, or at least watching someone do the job. How hard is that.

In the aerospace company I worked for, we wrote while/after going through the process and establishing what was done. Many had instructions like:

Install end caps

Wind motor case

Prepare for cure

Place in oven and cure

Remove vacuum bag and padding

Where as we actually did it step-by-step and made sure the operators were part of the operation to include those little things they would do.

So, at least 90% of manuals are hard to understand and 99% forget important steps. That is one reason that, if you buy a Dillon, you are better off with the DVDs than the manual.

For your problem, have you considered Duct Tape?

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