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Leam's Draft Directive Affirmation


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After mentally bouncing it around for a couple days, I have a draft. If you have not read Lanny Bassham's "With Winning in Mind" please pop into Brian's on-line store and get a copy. Applying it will positively change your game. I spent a weekend in class with Lanny and came away with 20 pages of notes. Great stuff; but I drifted away in an undisciplined life. A large part of my "game" is outside of the match. Do I eat to perform? Do I daily act to reach my goals? Do I worship the false god of a score or make my life better by my choices?

I am the best Production shooter in my area. My draws and reloads are smooth. I call every shot. My life is simplified, energized, and disciplined. I appreciate the match staff and encourage fellow competitors. I am the best Production shooter in my area.

Thoughts? Does it make you want to shoot Single Stack since you'll be, at best, second? :)


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