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Dawson adjustable sights issue - do they move when you shoot fast?


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I have two identical XDM 5.25'' in 9mm. Both of them have aftermarket barrels.

Recently I installed adjustable rear + front sights (from Dawson) on one of them. After some adjustments, I noticed that at 25 yards group shooting, I would hit high right but at 10 yards El Prez/Blake drills they are spot on.

I eliminated human factor by shooting the other XDM with fixed rear. The POI there are identical whether 25 yards group shooting or 10 yards fast shooting.

This puzzles me. It seems as if the Dawson sights move while I shoot fast... I checked and made sure they are secure and no movement at all. Now I don't know if I should adjust the sights to have spot on POI at 25 yards (which means I will be shooting low at 10 yards at speed), or should I leave it so I have dead on POI at speed shooting 10 yards (but I would hit high at long distance).

Anybody has similar experience before?


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I put Dawsons on my 1911 and found that it took a few hundred rounds for the springs to settle in. I had to re-adjust them multiple times, primarilly for elevation, but after about 400 rounds (probably less, actually) they are rock solid. My gunsmith says this common.

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