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Copied from another post by me:

Vectan A1

2.0gr - 593, 627

2.1gr - 681, 683

2.2gr - 691, 701

2.3gr - 704, 731

2.4gr - 758, 750

2.5gr - 768, 749

2.6gr - 800, 804

2.7gr - 808, 801

2.8gr - 838, 844

2.9gr - 801, 856, 848, 855, 845

3.1gr - 899, 915, 891, 897, 885, 873, 890, 874, 895, 887

There is no load data for this powder and bullet weight (there's almost no data for this powder in 9mm period). I saw no pressure signs along the way. After the initial load workup I figured 3.1gr would be the right charge weight. I shot it back to back in the same mag as N320 and the recoil was actually similar. I couldn't tell them apart, but 5 rounds each isn't much to go by. Accuracy was phenomenal with this load. Chrono data backs up my guess of 3.1 being on the money.

I reshot this load later and it wasn't quite as soft as N320.

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Myself and a couple others have been using GM3. It is a single based granulated powder that meters very well. Been very happy with the results so far - meters well, clean burning, accurate with all the bullet types I have tried (115 to 160 gr in 9mm and 38 short colt, so far), doesn't seem to be spikey near the upper margins, and is cheap. In the vectan burning chart it is listed near SR7526, AA No.5. and AutoComp. but I believe it is faster than where it is positioned in the Vectan chart. One of the guys was hoping is was similar to SR7526 to run in his 9maj gun, but found the powder too bulky.

Of course, there is nearly zero load data for it.

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