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G17 Gen 4 Keep Going to Slide Lock with New 13# Spring


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I've got a Glock 17 Gen 4 with a new Jager steel guide rod and 13# recoil spring. I'm running a DK competition trigger setup. Today at the range the pistol kept locking back. I could get to go into battery with a slight pull on the slide, but it would do it maybe 4-5 times per mag.

I'm shooting my reloads. Blue Bullets 147g RN, 2.9g Clays, FSP and mixed brass. I'm getting a power factor of 129 - 130 (890 fps). I've shot 3,000 - 4,000 rounds of the same ammo through the gun with no problems.

I didn't have the stock recoil spring with me at the range to try out, but since I just went to the Jager rod and 13# spring I suspect it is a combination of my reloads and the lighter spring? This is the first gun I've replaced the stock spring in so I wasn't sure.

Thoughts or comments? Thanks.

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I can't say that it's the same problem that I had but check to see if the slide stop spring is underneath the locking block pin. Mine was doing this and I thought it was the reloads. I had the locking block pin come part way out on a stage I just pushed it back in, and I started having problems. I went through three stages with people coming up with all sorts of ideas. From me grip to the mags not locked in, my thumb hitting the slid. I went to the safe area after the match and found the spring on top of the locking block pin, it had no tension on the stop. I put it back under the pin and put a drop of shoe goo in the holes and have not had a problem.


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