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Vice Prez at 25


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OK, first defining the drill.

25 yards, facing targets, hands relaxed. EL PREZ array of three targets three feet apart. IDPAer's you don't need covering garmet.

Draw shoot two rounds (ONLY) per target, make mandatory reload and two more rounds (only) per target.

I will post threads on this drill at 10, 15 and 25. I'm look for data for myself and a chance to compare to you hosers back in the world.

So, to that end:

please only post runs that were 90% of the points or better

Please include gear and class.

If you have it or remember it, please include draw and reload times. Also observations on times for splits vs. transitions are always appreciated.

Try to make it a real do-able average, not a once in a lifetime best ever run.

Yeah, I know it sounds like I am writing an article, but I am not, just trying to get enough info to draw some meaningful conclusions.

OK, I'll start you off.

Limited / Standard "M"

Haven't shot this for time recently, but I think they were in the high 5's. I'll have to come back to this one.

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Finally got out and shot this yesterday for some current times.

Standard / Limited Master on Amoebas.

Draws around 1.15-1.25, reloads a tenth slower at 1.25-1.35.

Total times ranging from about 5.2-6.0. Good solid runs with hits around 5.7.

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