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Vice Prez at 10


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Dangit! Can't play the file and I've already downloaded it with two different methods. :(

QuickTime baby!. Ya' gotta get QuickTime. It's an avi file and if Windoze Media Player won't touch it, the solution is another player.


QuickTime is available for both PC and Mac for "Free".

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Hmm...George, mcoliver ought to be able to open an .AVI with hell, almost anything, including the Windows media player....

mcoliver -- I'm sure you know this, but try just right-clicking on the link from Sharyn, and "save as" to somewhere on your HD. File size is: 4,258,458 bytes, so if that matches what you're seeing, you have other problems. :)

Freeware AVI viewers abound.

That said, that's an amazing clip, IMO. The reload looks like...an afterthought.

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WMP will not always play .avi material whereas the latest version of Quicktime (7) will always play any .avi file and dang near anything else except Real Media. QT 7 is free for any platform.

I highly recommend it for video playback on any platform over other players that support the same file formats. Better video quality, no built-in DRM ;-)



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My average is in the 3.9 - 4 range. Had many tonight in the 3.6-3.7's. Best was 3.66 Down 13. I seem to be stuck in a shoot fast mindset right now. If I try and get better hits, I slow way down. Need more range time...

Took a video but can't get it to work right after loading it up to my webspace. Who's got a good free video editing program?

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I just got back from the range, reading this thread a few days ago inspired me to try a few vice-prez's as described to 'waste' the rest of my ammo for the day. I'm a B grade open shooter BTW.

Quickest run was a 4.3, way too many down.

Best run i think was 4.62 with 4 down.

My reload is the slowest component at the moment, at about 1.5. Draw is hovering just over 1 second. I think im finally going to convince myself to get a magwell :wacko: Trying to shove magazines at speed into an un-mag-well'd Para frame is unforgiving!

Your times are impressive guys! :D

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I tried this drill a few times today. A couple of things about the day. Perfectly clear sky with the temperature being about 35 degrees. The bay I was shooting in was mostly shady, so I never really warmed up and towards the end my fingers and toes were getting cold.

I am a B class Production shooter using a Sig P226.

6.57 - 9A, 3C: 1.38, 0.28, 0.41, 0.24, 0.43, 0.26, 1.87, 0.26, 0.47, 0.23, 0.49, 0.25

6.62 - 9A, 3C: 1.32, 0.25, 0.46, 0.21, 0.49, 0.26, 1.84, 0.25, 0.51, 0.24, 0.51, 0.28

The lack of dry fire practice the last two weeks was quite evident. My draws felt glacial and my reloads were quite clumsy. Usually in practice my 10 yard draws are 1.00-1.10 seconds and my reloads are 1.50-1.60 seconds. Looks like I need to work on my transitions as well. On the positive side, I was seeing my front sight as well or better than anytime before.


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