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Vice Prez at 10


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New personal best yesterday 5.07 down 6. If someone could find out the percentage for that for me, I'd owe them a cold beer. I was using my crappy old Pocket Pro timer so I dunno the draw or reload times. The splits were about the same as the transitions, which is prolly the first time I have ever done that.

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Look, I can be like sixx, too!!! :P

Actually, the original spacing for the El Prez was 3 yds, edge to edge of the targets, and yes, it does slow you down quite noticably as vs 1 yd between the targets.

The drill in question is based on a Vice Presidente - a different classifier (don't have the number handy). It's similar to an El Prez, except that you face the targets for the start, the targets are closer together, and, IIRC, the targets are 3 yards closer, as well (7 vs. the El Pres 10).

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Shot two of these yesterday, in benchmarking certain skills.

5.28, 1.22 draw, 1.46 reload, down 18 with 3 soft mikes (Ds)

5.74, 1.25 draw, 1.87 reload, down 6 with 1 soft mike

Interestingly, the time difference between the two is almost totally comprised by the difference in draw and reload, but I shot far better points in the 2nd run....

Yes, my reloads are a focus point for me, right now :)

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Got out today for my first practice with the new MC2 Rail blaster.

After group shooting I fired up a "semi-cold" VP at 10y.

4.15 down a bunch. Clean but a three or four D's. Still I figured I'd post it as it is the fastest cold run I think I've ever had. 1.01 draw, and 1.02 load.

I am out of practice but after a tiny krebs the EGW I have on there now looks like a canyon.

nice times BTW Dave.

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I am out of practice but after a tiny krebs the EGW I have on there now looks like a canyon.

I used to use the EGW back in the day... You should pick up a Dawson Ice... that things damn near cheating :lol: I think you basically throw the mag from belt level and it automatically makes it in there :)

nice times BTW Dave.

Thanks... They really didn't feel that great, but... :) That's just a sign of better things to come, I guess :)

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Yeah, I shot an ICE for two years, and this is my first exp with the EGW. I like how steep it is. If Dawson would make a steep ICE maybe even a box legal one, you'd really have something.

As it is, the ICE is fast, but I am playing around with the EGW as I get back into USPSA vs. IPSC standard, and so far I like it. But, there's an ICE in the shooting bag as a backup. ;)

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I think you basically throw the mag from belt level and it automatically makes it in there :)

I've had this same train of thought regarding shooting at big poppers vs. plates and have found that it does not apply. :D

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i shot this last thursday.

shot it twice once at the start of practice and once at the end. approx 150 rounds fired in between

Open division.( B class because ive only shot 4 classifiers and they SUCKED!!!) ill be A class soon.

first run

4.01 seconds 7 A, 5 Charlie

last run

3.83 seconds, 8 A, 4 charlie.

i lost some time on a hefty dose of trigger freeze on the first run.

the second run nailed a .88 draw and a 1.01 reload...dont recall the splits and trans, but they were close.

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eric...im an A in limited and 2-3 percent away from master in L10.

here is match results from the first match i shot with an open gun...with a borrowed holster and gun belt.

Local Match Result

August 07, 2005 GOOD TIME SHOOTERS

Final results for Open

Place Name USPSA Class Division PF Lady For Age Match Pts Match %

1 Kay Miculek L1133 M Open Major Yes No 368.3650 100.00%

2 Kenneth Hicks L2339 M Open Major No No 365.4596 99.21%

3 Jake Hicks A40151 M Open Major No No Junior 332.8328 90.35%

4 Harmon Greer A50568 U Open Major No No 330.5343 89.73%

5 Tonda Gilfillan A39037 M Open Major Yes No 326.2191 88.56%

6 Michael Klausman FY44381 M Open Major No No 325.3512 88.32%

that was the top 6 and im the only one without a master classifciation.

the next match with MY holster( i forgot mine the first match :( ) i finished second to A4 director kenneth hicks and barely squeezed past his son Jake..

At 2005 area 4 there were the stooge standards, MOE was essentially a two string VP(except with no-shoots) without a reload on the second string for 18 total rounds fired

i won that stage in L10 and finished fifth to MMjr and TJ and a few more GMs on that stage.

if i remember correctly i shot the first string, 2 rounds each target, reload and two more rounds in 4.15 seconds with 8 alpha, 2 bravo and 2 charlie..

that one was tough because of where the noshoots were.

I actually plan on making master in open before my 23rd birthday(01/25/06)


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Ok I guess I will post my lame attempt. I have been shooting open for the last 6 or 7 months and just switched back to limited so bear with me.

Limited C class

5.01 down 5

4.47 down 7 .98 draw and a 1.34 reload. Slow reload though .........

I guess I need to get me splits and transitions going. The targets were 2 yards apart.

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Thanks guys. I had about 3 or 4 runs that were in the mid to upper 5's with a 8-10 down. The reload is costin me. If I don't hit it it could be around 1.6 - 1.8's

Plus I see you guy's down in the 4's all the time. I doubt that I could do that cold!!!!!!

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your probably closer to GM than most of us.

i still make too many mistakes, and sometimes i shoot fast enough to overcome the mike i get...and it keeps me back in B class

being fast is good, being consistant is better!

BTW, Al is probably one of the few shooters around to be sponsored by JMB himself..he showed me a crusty old 1911 45 with UBER tall front sight and lord knows what kind of rear sight.....

Man that wasnt pretty. i had to wash my hands after touching it...i felt dirty.

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I haven't done a live fire Vice Presidente with my present competition pistol, but have a 4.26 sec, down 8 run with a stock Glock 17L shooting minor way back when. I was still a D shooter (club D champ in 89) and about to make the jump to B. I could usually do the VP in the high 4's on demand down 5-10 points shooting minor on demand back then. Haven't run a VP since then though ;-/

So there, no more C and B low 4's fer' ya' Eric ;-)

BTW, this was a sidematch at the 89 Western States Championship in Reno and Voigt won it with a 2.9, or 3.0 sumthin, down like 2 points!

I'm really gonnahafta' go see what I can do it in nowadays with my open gun.



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from memory, from about last july

10 yd vp was 7.20 down zero

using a SW 625- yea 19th century technology but it hits things, draw about 1.1-1.2, reload about 2.4 or so. this was in a day where all i did was this drill, maybe 50 or 60 times.. most times were in the 8-10sec range with a few down. this was the best- right.. so know i know i can do it so excuses evaporate.. any other wheel gunners care to comment and provide a comparison and/or suggestions?


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