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Taking a look at the draw again


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Yesterday, me and a buddy were practicing some draws on mini poppers out to 30m or so. The last time I did this was several months ago and I'm still amazed how much I'm learning in this excercise. Times sucked and accuracy was terrible, then for a short time it clicked.

We've heard of the concept about doing the draw actions fast and spending time on getting a proper sight pic, right? Well, I realized this is only half the picture. Setting my mind to really drive the gun hard, I forgot about that other concept about guiding the gun forward and keeping track of the front sight out to full extension all the while already "slowing down".

So what I was doing was driving the gun forward too much, I was spending more time making the FS settle down AND THEN acquiring a sight picture. And here's the weird part. I so wanted to keep the FS oscillations down at full extension that I did the slow down subconciously. Once I started to notice what I was doing, then trying to figure out the exact movement and when to actually slow down, things started going downhill again.

Darn it! I think I don't need to over think this whole thing and just go dry fire again. :(

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