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A Match story

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At the 2003 nationals my father and i were shooting on Gary Stevens squad it was

the second day of shooting we started on our second stage for that day and this

guy get up and ready to shoot he is kinda skinny with a beard can’t remember his

name but he was shooting a sti single stack and he had put a titanium firing pin in

his gun. He started out doing pretty good and then just got to the last part of that

stage and “click” he racked the slide and “click”, for 3to4 minutes, and four

magazines later he finally finished but he stood there soo long that the timer reset

but there was a veteran ro which got his time down but what was bad he didint get

the gun to shoot until the last part of the 3to 4 mins and the entire squad just

kinda groaned :o at the last shot come to find out the firing pin a had

mushroomed out and he got it fixed and kept going even after this horrible stage

didn’t phase him :lol: hardcore!

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