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G35 mag wouldn't fall

eric nielsen

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Had a blast today shooting the 1st five stages of last month's Florida Open. One benefit of living here is we get to do that every year without the $175 match fee.

For this club match, I had no mikes, no procedurals, and I think 3 or 4 D's all day, which is nice. Not so nice was my 5-second mag change on "Memorial Day". Cost me maybe 2 placements overall but no damage in Limited [2nd]

Frostproof Sunday Scores

Turns out I SHOULD have run a rag thru the mag opening of my Glock after practicing live-fire on Saturday. Mag wouldn't fall the last 1/2" out of the gun and I haven't practiced stripping one out in like forever.

The Fix was - go to the Safe Area, pull off the slide, run a Pledge rag thru the frame, and practice a mag change with more of a vertical mag-release move. Then when I went back and loaded my mags, I have one 20-rounder I like to drop every time and one I like to speed-load every time. So the drop mag I wiped the outside with the same Pledge rag. No more problems on the last 3 stages.

Stages 6 thru 10 are the 2nd Sunday in April. Looks to be a blast - again.

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Yeah, Pledge, ArmorAll, and silicone all slick up your hands. Even handling ammo a lot does that for me.

I use baby-wipes from Walgreens at the match to clean it off & then Prince-Grip or Pro-Grip when I'm all loaded up again & ready for the next course of fire.

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Here is the permanent fix I use.

1. Remove the mag catch.

2. Use double stick tape and tape a piece of sandpaper to a mag.

3. Work this in and out of the mag until it can seat and come out with just a little resistance.

4. Then use a mag w/ two pieces taped on, one taped each front and back.

5. Then do the sides.

By the time you are done, you won't have another problem with mags sticking.

Last time I did a new Glock it took me about an hour and a half

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Metal mags in a glock is a no no!! Metal mag on plastic mag catch, the mag catch will lose. Just think if someone made metal mags and a metal after market mag catch?? I would give it a try. Wouldn't be legal in production. Thanks glock24man

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I just received a new Glock frame for one I mangled. I tried the other hi cap mags I had I it, and they dont drop free anymore. The other hi caps I had were LEO only when there was a LEO only w the ban. I bought some of the newer (6th generation??) mags and you can see a big difference in the two. The newer ones have the obvious follower redesign, but the mag is thinner and less notches or width at the top than the other hi caps. The LEO hi caps I have were drop free with other generation frames, but not this one.

Anyone got any ideas besides buying 5 new mags?


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If you think the mag catch is not clearing the magazine, then no sanding will not help, an extended mag catch or trimming the mag catch would be a better solution.

As for the new frames being different, I just got a new Green 17 GXXXX series. I did the sand paper treatment and it doesn't matter on the mags I have, which ever mag I use will drop. I have some LEO mags that I bought just after the ban, they drop just as well at the post sunset non marked mags the 17 came with, or the clinton mags I've had for years. I do use an extended release, so I am sure I get the catch out of the way.

After you remove your current mag catch, if one type of your mags has a greater width, use that mag as the one to tape the sandpaper to. That way your mag well will be opened up based on the dimensions of the thick mags.

If you want to go an extra step after you have finished sanding the mag well, polish the rough spots out with a dremel and some cleaning/polishing compound.

Other than that just be sure you are getting the mag catch out of the way, you might want to consider getting an extended version if you don't have one already. If you are really brave, and you don't think the mag catch is clearing, a dremel could sovle the problem. You would need to be very careful not to take too much off with the dremel, or you will be dropping mags without touching the mag catch .

By the way the mags that won't drop are still FML and not the really old NFML?


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Hey Seth,

The mags that wont drop are FML. They are marked LEO only. I got them about 6-12 months after the ban started. In looking at them compared to the new (6th generation?) mags, you can see a step on the LEO only mags that the newer ones dont have. The newer ones are blended in nearing the top.

I give the sandpaper an try. I also have an extended mag catch, and all the mags I have dropped free and worked in the non finger groove frame I had and the 1st finger groove model I bought. The finger groove model was the one I dremeled and sent back to Glock. The finger grooved frame I dremeled was about 3-4 years ago. This new one they sent me must be a little different.

Use double sided tape with sandpaper (what grit?) on all 4 sides or what? Run that through there until there is a little resistance? It should not fall free correct? The put double thick sandpaper on and do it again?

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not exactly double thickness of sandpaper, I don't think you need that. single thickness of sandpaper, but single thickness on opposing sides of the mag at the same time.

How I do it depends on the tightness of the frame.

usually I start with mag w/ one side sandpaper, 3 sides normal, work that until it goes in the whole way and comes back out easily, you will be able to tell the difference.

Then have front and back both with sandpaper at the same time the left and right will be plain. 1 piece of sand paper on front 1 piece on back, that is where the double thickness comes from. Work this to the same point as before.

Then repeat on the sides. Use sand paper on one side, 'til done, then on left and right at the same time

You could do on all four sides after this, but you wouldn't get any more clearance.

If you put sand paper on opposing sides at first, it can sometimes be too tight and you won't be able to work it back and forth. That is why I do one side, then 2nd step is sandpaper on opposing sides.

The sandpaper box said drywall sandpaper, it was just what we had laying around. I would go with a reasonable coarse grit just for speed. Like I said in an earlier post, you can polish out the sanding marks after you have the clearance you are after.

I have never gotten it to the point where the mag w/ sandpaper attached would drop free, you will still have to pull them out.

I would compare the force, at my "done" point to pulling out a fully loaded NFML mag.

When I get done with the whole procedure, my mags will drop in with the gun almost sideways. I only need a little cant for the mag to drop out.

Also, the tightest frame (at the start) I have worked with was a Gen 1 frame from the late 80's. I have done that frame and two Gen 3 frames.

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I removed all traces of Pledge from my range bag, mag exteriors & interiors, and sanded the inside of the frame [with mag catch removed] with 200, 400, and 800 grit sandpaper. Also re-did the 200-400-800 on the outside of my 2 fattest mags.

Then I doused the interior of the gun and the outside of the sanded mags with Pyroil silicone spray, same thing I'd always used in my holster & mag pouches.

The difference is AMAZING. Every mag flies into and out of the gun. If I'm off a little on alignment going in, there's no binding - the mag still seats *rapidly*.

My wife dusts the furniture so I'm never touching a can of Pledge again. Thank you Seth.

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