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IDPA legal STI 2011


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Cool, because I was told that the 18.9 was too heavy, it's magwell was too wide, and it wouldn't fit in the box with standard basepads. That's not a bad looking pistol...and the price right now is very reasonable.


whoops, on further research...it may take a little work to make weight and width.

I may be guilty of hearing what I wanted to hear. Oh well.

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ended up getting a screaming deal on an STI eagle in .40 I am very pleased


I'm working on this too. What mags? 126mm? What basepads and magwell? Wedges?

Any reason to not have an Edge frame trimmed back to meet ESP rules and turned into a rail? And drop in a bushing barrel?

126mm mags. I prefer the STI Tac magwell. I'm sure there are others that will also work. And I also prefer the International basepads (wedges) from Dawson.

And yes, you could trim down your Edge, mill a light rail and install a bushing barrel. Pricey project, but I'm not exactly the voice of reason, so don't forget the aftermarket aluminum grip too!

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Congrats, the Eagle in .40 is a sweet shooting gun. I have been using one for the last year. It also serves as a backup for my Edge for USPSA. I had an aluminum magwell cut down to fit the box, and standard 126mm mags work fine, but you can use the wedge basepads and still fit the box.

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You can also have someone trim down an aluminum STI mag well to fit the box. That gives you more real estate than the tactical. The CK Arms Aluminum grip kit will fit the box as well but they're only available to CKA frame owners right now. They have a dedicated CNC making grips so they should be available soon.

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Which Dawson pads? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to get some answers before I start shelling out cash. Thanks for all the help so far.





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That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks, v! I was thinking those might be the ticket.

One last thing, I notice that Dawson has another model of "wedge" pad.


What's the difference? I've tried calling DP, but no luck yet.

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I think the one you linked are the ones I'm actually using, but in black. The ridges on the side match what I'm running.

I may be mistaken, but the EZ have the hole in them for the retainer to pop into just like the stock base pads.

Edit: FYI, Looks like DP has a new website up and running and is offering free shipping if you go through the new site.

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